Full lace wig, silky straight, color #4/27, LWM-B10018


Full lace wig, silky straight, color #4/27, LWM-B10018


Full lace wig real indian hair,  curly wig, color #4/27, LWM-B10018

Length: from 20 to 26 inches

color #4/27

Texture:silky straight

Brand : Sublimatehair


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Product Description

Full lace wig, silky straight, color #4/27, LWM-B10018

Length: from 20 to 26 inches

color #4/27

Texture: silky straight,

Brand : Sublimatehair


Cape making: Full Swiss Lace

Hair 100% Indian, 100% remy hair

Cap : medium cap with stretch inside, can be suitable to all head


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Our Shipment


Hair types

1-What is virgin hair?

They are natural hair, not chemically treated (i.e. not soaked in acidic baths or in silicone).

2-What is Baby hair?

These are a few strands of hair added around the lace wig to give it a more natural look.

3-When should I take Baby hair for my lace wig?

If you want to make coloring, we recommend the Baby hair.

The knots

1-What is that single node?

Knots, are the ways in which the hair is implanted in the bonnet. They are tied in the bonnet by a knot.
The hair is knotted once in the bonnet. So we have a tiny knot in tying once every hair. This is the best method, allowing you to have tiny knots.

2-what are double knots?

Double knots involve knotting the hair twice to produce a stronger and sturdy effect at the fasteners. This has the disadvantage of having strong but less tiny knots.

3-Which of the knots is the best ?

Single nodes have the advantage of being tiny so less visible than double knots but less robust. So we recommend a knot at the front level on 2 inches, and double knots for the rest.

4-The bleached knots?

Knot Whitening has the advantage of making them less visible and gives the illusion that hair comes out of your scalp.



Hair density :  

Low (100%)

Light (110%)

Average (120%)

Medium thick (130%)

Thick (150%)

Very thick (180%)